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Crit / Haste ratio ? ( Balance )

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Hello, I wonder what would be the best Crit Haste ratio, I currently have plenty of item in my bags that I don't know if I should equip or not.


I currently run my drood like this : Haste 26%  / Crit 21% 


I can swich many items to get something like  27% Haste // 18% Crit, 


So is there a CRIT threshold that I should not go under ? Same question for haste ^^




Edit : 846 ILVL  20 points in my weapon, followed the recommended path

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Not sure on this one, but just going to bump it in the hopes that someone else can help. Not a big boomkin player.

It doesn't seem that there is a ratio stated in the guide, so I doubt that there is one, but perhaps someone knows more.

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Double checked with a reviewer, no need to worry about going too low on a ratio. Simply gear as the priority states and you'll be OK!

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