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Thoroughly enjoying Destruction right now, but I'm a little confused on when to cast Chaos Bolt with the Eradication talent. Obviously you need to make sure Eradication is on the target as much as possible, but when you refresh it does it matter when Chaos Bolt is cast?

What I mean is, it takes 3 seconds to cast Chaos Bolt (2.5 with Reverse Entropy), so do you time Chaos Bolt so that it connects to the target just before Eradication expires, or does that not matter? And if it does matter, is there an easier way to time this?

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Eradiction is apllied when Chaos Bolt hits, you would want to time Chaos Bolt so that it hits just before eradiction expires, so that your second Chaos Bolt can profit from eradiction. There is no easier way to time this - Chaos Bolt flight time is about 4 Seconds at max range, which means with Eradiction lasting 6 seconds, you can weave in a single Spell between dumping Chaos Bolts that is not Channel Demonfire.

However, when you follow the normal single target priority you already maximize eradiction usage, since the only spell between a Chaos Bolt for Shard Dump and a regular Chaos Bolt cast is Demonic Rift, which you should keep around for movement. Immolate is not a spell to weave in between since you have to use the followup Conflagrate, so only Incinerate and Havoc remain. The loss of Dumping two Chaos Bolts back to back is minor if Immolate doesn't need to be Refreshed.

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