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Destruction and Haste in PVE.

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Okay. I've seen that Haste is our primary stat, followed by Crit, but when shall I start stacking crit up? And what about Mastery? Is it even useful?

I got 19% Haste right now, shall I start looking for Crit parts? 


Another important question that I hope I'll get answered is: Do all my pieces have to have Haste and Crit? 


For example:

Head - Haste and Crit

Shoulders - Haste and Crit

Legs - Haste and Crit

..... And so on.


Since Mastery is so useless, would that be a nice set? It's my first time doing PVE and I'd like to know what stats are best for every single slot of my set.

I've read the guide, but I still have some doubts.


Ty in advance guys.

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Mastery isn't useless so to speak, it's just INCREDIBLY RNG dependent. Not just in a crit kind of way, but it can be honestly dreadful with constant low rolls.

Yes, in an ideal world, your gear will be completely Haste/Crit. It's not easy to do though! Sometimes your best piece will have Haste/Versatility, due to the next best piece at that item level being Crit/Vers. This is becoming less likely with the new gearing system, but it can happen.

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