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ret pally dps help

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Hi all, i have tried a few different methods to get assistance with my dps, but none have made much difference so i thought i would try ICY. I use the ICY rotation and have tried the ICY build. Link to my toon http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/jubeithos/kreniss/simple . World of logs http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/278kv4mtfmxpft0k/details/7/. now i was tank for the first fight so never mind that. Now im reading people are expecting 160kdps from a 502i ret pally. im not getting near that with better gear. Any advice?

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I'm going to post a couple of comparison logs for you to look at.


You: http://www.worldoflo.../?s=6346&e=6770

Paly 1: http://www.worldoflo.../?s=3691&e=4119


You: http://www.worldoflo.../?s=8851&e=9267

Paly 2: http://www.worldoflo.../?s=9325&e=9742

Two main things stick out to me:

1 Inquisition uptime. This needs to be in the 95-99% range. Very important to keep this buff up.

2 The number of Templar's Verdict you are getting off is very low. This is your most damaging ability. As soon as you gain 5HP your priority needs to be Make sure inquisition is up > TV

Reread the rotation: http://icy-veins.com...downs-abilities

Consider using a rotation helper addon like CLCret http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/clcret if you download it, see my post on it http://www.icy-veins...pic/669-clcret/

Hope some of that helps Posted Image

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Ok I have read your post on clc and have it installed I will see how I go.

Odd that my tv is down so much given my uptime is down too?? But I will repost after next raid to see if we have solved some issues

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Think Vladamyr already pointed to some of it - Inquisition should go up 10% or so. It's hard to say how many abilities are fired without, but each one would be a big dps loss.

To that end, might I suggest SpellFlash with the Bitten class addons. Never tried clcret, but this one works in the same way by highlighting the action to do next on your action bar.

You'll hear many opinions about the use of addons like these Posted Image but imo you cant really beat the addon rotation-wise, so might as well use it. It can usually handle the details of buffs handling way better than the normal player.

In the case of the Megaera log, I'd line up the final AW/HA combo with your GOAK, since doing this provides what is close to the finest burst ability in the game for massive amounts of damage in hero phase. So if you can plan for heroism, do so, and ensure all cds are available. Also keep a stack of pots (Mogu Power) handy for the hero phases - also a major boost.

I am not a DPS main paladin; only play it once in a while when my healing isn't needed, but I've grown fond of Divine Purpose over HA. It doesn't always come through when it's really needed (like a mega-buffed burn phase), but it's often saving my rotation some idle time. At the cost of a cd on buffed phases ofc. Matter of opinion and personal taste probably.

And always remember: every holy power wasted makes an angel cry!


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