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An undignified end to Varian

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I've been sitting on this for a while but want to let it out.


I wasn't a fan of Varian in the beginning. I remember when the "for the alliance" achievement actually meant going to the Opposing factions cities and fighting your way to the leaders like a proper raid. I remember Jaina having to talk Varian out of starting an all out war, and thinking "what a dick" but over the last couple of expansions he grew on me, with handling the Panda's in a fairly respectful and sensible way, and Garrosh coming to think of it. All the time though i was wondering when we would see any of that Gladiator warrior fighting that he was reportedly so awesome at. 

Into Legion. The loading screen art itself shows Varian fighting a demon with his armor Torn off and blood coming from his head, and I'm thinking YES finally we get to see Varian doing something cool. Next thing i know, some crusty old orc kills him without so much as a second thought and i'm left thinking... really? OK i know there is more to it that that, Varian sacrificing himself to save the people on the airship from Stompy, but it was so quick its like the writers were thinking "how can we get Varian out of the way as quickly as possible at the start of the expansion to make way for Jaina's leaving and Anduin's development"

I know that Anduin is going to turn out to be this amazing holy warrior that fights on the side of the light well into his 90's or whatever, it just seems that given everything that Varian's story put him through, for the writers to kill him off in such a callous way, is a bit harsh

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Your picture is just so appropriate.

Personally, I love it. Honestly. I hate that Varian dies, but I love that it was quick, ruthless. Varian died as a warrior would in an invasion. If Gul'dan can kill someone that great so easily, we know we should be scared.

If even one of the greatest Warriors to ever lead the Alliance can't stand up to them, how can we? This is how it should feel. We shouldn't be sitting there thinking X can save us. We're seeing important people die this expansion and it's exactly as it should be. Scary. Intimidating.

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