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Fire mage improve dps and changes artifacts

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Im playing fire mage and at the moment am doing only mythics waiting for raids and gearing up , i think i have collected good gear but i think i have to change some staff to the artifact power so my dps can go higher because atm at bosses my dps is arounf 170 to 180k ( i think is low for this gear)

I would like you to help me by changing the artifact power or mistakes i have done to this to improve my dps and your recommendations , i will link you my armory to take a look to my gear and talents and well a pic with artifact power tree i have

thanks a lot

My armory link http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormrage/Spänk/simple


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Well your artifact is not skilled like the guide says, but you've got the first golden trait right.

848 is pretty good gear (gratz to that legendary you've got ;) ) even though you're nearly 2500 Crit lower than my 839 mage. If you want to see how you should skill if you want to max out single-target DMG, just have a look in the guide :) 

If you could provide some logs it would help to see, if you're playing your rotation right.


But for now I can only say that you should maxout "Pyroclasmic Paranoia" and then take the way to "Phoenix Reborn". I might consider reskilling the artifact, cause you "wasted" some single points instead of going straight to the next golden trait.


Maybe my thoughts can help you :)

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As Lily has said above, logs are king with these posts. It helps us properly analyse what you are doing, when you are doing it and what is going wrong.

Thanks for putting your ideas above Lily!

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You currently have 3 big problems : 

  • Wrong artifact path.
  • Using "Incantator Flow" instead of "Rune of Power" (probably the source of your weak opennings).
  • Having way too much items without crits stats.

Just by fixing that and applying the correct rotation (cf guide) you should have > 210K continous DPS without problem.

Try to just fix your talent (RoP is by far stronger than anything else on this tier) and keep us up to date !

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