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Our guides are being updated all the time, but with so many heroes in game, with new maps, heroes and balance changes constantly joining Nexus, it is nearly impossible to have all guides up to date. We have uploaded and updated 42 guides during this week - which is a very high number, given the comprehensiveness of our guides - and with this rate we would have every guide up-to-date within a few weeks, but then a new patch comes and forces us to update the heroes that were affected the most. If Abathur gets a patch, his guide will see a full update, but until then, we will keep updating the guides that need to update the most, which is still difficult with limited time on our hands. 

What this means for you is that you need to wait until we either update everything that needs an update as soon as possible, or until Abathur's guide becomes one of those guides.

In the meantime, we apologize for our outdated guides.

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Just wanted to add to what positiv has said above.

We're currently at a point in the game where Blizzard is now implementing a huge new patch to the game, as well as full reworks of certain heroes. 

Smaller additions can simply be glossed over due to the huge workload on our writers, but they are certainly not forgotten. Once the Machines of War patch is out, we will be continuing to work hard to make sure that things are updated. For now, our writers are mainly working to put out guides for the new hero/heroes (Alarak), which takes a huge amount of testing and rewriting to ensure that the new guide is up to the standard our viewers will expect.

For now, it helps us to point out where these problems do lie so that the moderators can take note of it and then pass it on.


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