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Guardian stats

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Got a simple question regarding stats for my guardian druid.  

I know the stat priority is versatility>=mastery>haste>agility>crit

So therefore gear with versatility and haste or mastery. and haste are great.  However does that mean that gear with versatility and mastery are the best?


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Yes, you ideally want all your gear to be Versatility/Mastery if possible without sacrificing too much item level.

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On 10/6/2016 at 9:22 AM, Raamak said:

Okay...  Not to hi-jack the thread but, I don't get why Agility is prioritized over Crit.  Did Agility gain a defensive value?

Hey Raamak,

Agility offers dodge rating.

Although you cant really stack agility outside of the items you get and the one agility gem you may opt to use in-place of a versatility gem. As an example, the prioritization of agility over crit in the stat list would be used when choosing between two static trinkets, one which gave agility and one which gave crit. You would go with the one which gave agility.

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3 hours ago, Amateurpeeweeeeh said:

Not to highjack this thread either. But is it just me or does guardian dps in comparison to protwarrior or blooddk e.g. feels like a joke?

Is there a justification for that?

Hello I was wondering if you were referring to our damage in raids, and if so if you had logs you could provide.

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