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Best PVE damage spec?

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Hello guys!

As already mentioned I'm wondering about which Spec should be used for PVE. 

When I played WoW the last time, Fury was PVE and Arms was PVP. With Legion some say this has changed. And both is viable. But I've seen a simulation where the damage of an arms warrior was so much greater than the damage of a fury warrior (single and multiple target). 

I was just wondering, if fury is really so bad?

Thank you in advance for your opinion.

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17 hours ago, Meyvn said:

3300 views, 3 replies... and no answer?

Answer remains the same via sims. Arms is still top on single target, we'll need to wait a bit more for people to play with Fury to see if it can beat Arms. The logs are only just being released now after the updates and people won't have fully upgraded Fury artifacts. We'll get a better picture in a few days, a proper picture in a week or two.

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