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Legion Rogue FAQ - READ ME FIRST

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Updated 2016-09-27


Which spec should I play?

A: Whatever you like

All of the specs do good damage. They are all effectively equal, so pick whichever you like. More help can be found in the Choose a Spec thread


No seriously which spec does the most damage?

A: No seriously I wasn't kidding

Choosing a spec based on damage is the wrong thing to do.

All 3 specs have a different niche and different tools


Why didn't you answer _______, I do really good damage with it

A: Then keep playing it


What about for PvP? Which spec should I play?

A: Whatever you like

Really. They're all viable and the PvP season just started, everyone is experimenting


Why am I doing bad damage? Can you help me?

A: Get some Logs, make a thread on the forum here, and we'll have a look

Myself and the other Mods around here can't do anything to help you without being able to see what it is that you're doing. Logs are the best way of doing that.


What item is better?

A: The one with higher item level

Agility is the most valuable stat for every spec by a significant margin, so item level will, in almost all situations, trump stats.

Stat weights change all the time, and you shouldn't worry about an exact number. That said, if you are curious as to what the best upgrades for you are or if a piece of gear is worth using, you can use Shadowcraft or Ask Mr. Robot. They are both great tools that are easy to use. If you want to Sim your own character and see exactly, Simulationcraft is a neat tool as well.

I recommend using Shadowcraft or AMR if you're a beginner, as Simcraft is a little more confusing. There is a tutorial available written by the guys at Ravenholdt to show you how it's done.


Now that I know my stat weights, what do I do with it?

Multiply each stat on a piece of gear by the weight of that stat.

For example we'll use Otherworldy Leather MantleOtherworldy Leather Mantle, a drop from Il'gy, and pretend that all our secondary stats are worth 0.65, while Agility is worth 1.

  • 973 Agility * 1 = 973
  • 594 Critical Strike * 0.65 = 389.66
  • 385 Mastery * 0.65 = 250.25
  • Sum = 1692.91

The value of those shoulders for our imaginary Rogue is 1692.91

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