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Holy Priest Heroic Nythandra

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Hey guys, just a quick question here. My guild started on Heroic Nythandra last night, but we didn't clear it.  I just wanted some advice or opinions on when to pop Symbol of Hope.  All of my other CDs are easy to figure out timing, but this is the one I'm still trying to optimize. Any advice? Thanks!

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It seems like this is a cooldown that depends on your other healers letting you know when they want it, to be honest. It's useless for you to pop it if they need to move at that point and don't tell you. Communication is key with this one I think, rather than a set time to pop it.

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hey there OneTrueCzar,

i did this one already with my guild on heroic and i did not choose to take symbol of hope because of these reasons:

1. it is usefull you can stay stacked with the healers for this time and there is not a lot of movement this fight is all about spreading out and moving around like hell in the second face.

2. should be used when there is HUGE amount of damage comming in that needs to use a lot of mana on the healers. tbh if your raid knowes what to do you should not have this problem and it should be easy single target healing with a bit of raid healing.


What did i pick them? 

well i picked light of the naaru because of the flat 2sec decrease you get every time with serendipity combo this with apotheosis and you are good to go on this fight. it is key to move around and use your holy word when it is off cooldown as mutch as you can.

i hope this helped you out a bit and GL with downing it on your next try 


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