I disagree with balance druids rotation.

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So this is if you use blessing of the ancients. In the rotation it says to use lunar strike when you have 3 lunar empowerments. However it does also say that 1 empowerd lunar strike is better than a raw solar strike. With the increased AP generation from blessing of the ancients however it is possible to not cast raw solar wraths or lunar strikes at all.

After you do dots-moon moon- you can just do SS-SW-LS over and over till moon is available. All SW and LS will be empowered. That must be better than after the SS doing to SWs if one of them isnt empowered. Is the rotation not taking blessing of the ancients in to account or am i wrong?

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What you're saying and what the guide says is the same thing, except that the guide floats two charges of lunar empowerment. This allows you to react to cleave situations, but it isn't mandatory. The only way it's a dps loss is if you don't consume those floating charges at some point, and even then the difference is very small. Empowered Lunar Strike is more damage than unempowered wrath for single target, but when you consume that charge doesn't matter (can wait for cleave or procs). 

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