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Overhealing on Guardians in EN

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Hi there.

Got in Emerald Nightmare last night and downed 6/7 normal with my guardian druid
After the raid, the other tank and the raidleader approached me saying that I wasn't playing any good, seeing as I took alot of healing and overhealing. I was never in any real danger of dying as I had top priority on ironfur and using my cooldowns wisely.
I tried to explain that this was because of my mastery stacking, that I do take more healing and the heals done on me does more, therefore the overhealing is high because the crits are higher. 

Is this just me being wrong, or is this me being bad?

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Very nature of guardian druid makes you to take more healing. And you were totally correct about mastery. If you had like 20% mastery and took 120m healing it is the same as other tank would take 100m healing. You are ranking healers dream - you take more dmg and get more healing :D

Furthermore I'll add that different tanks take different amount of damage. In WoD I've seen balance between self healing and damage taken. DKs were taking A LOT of damage, but they had insane amounts of healing. Where lets say warriors pretty much did not have healing, but they were taking way less dmg. 

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The extra healing is attributed to the druid not to the healer, it shows up as Nature's Guardian or something like that on the druid's healing meters. 


Not really sure what you can do to control how much you get overhealed; the vast majority of the healing you do is in frenzied regen (only heals a portion of the damage you've taken, so it only overheals when it overlaps with other healers) and the healing from mastery. By its nature the mastery will overheal a lot, because it is applied after the healer heals you, so it's basically always going to be the last 15% of a heal you receive, applied as a separate instance, after the brunt of a heal before it. 

Basically, your overhealing is largely going to be a result of the actions of the people healing you. 

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42 minutes ago, bobifle said:

anyway overhealing is an issue for healers, not tanks right ?

I mean if I DK is overhealing himself a lot then there's a good chance he's not timing his death strikes well (for example). It can be relevant for tanks but isn't particularly for Guardian.

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