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Need confirmation and assistance.

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Ok, I need help.  I just recently came back to WOW, maybe two months before legion.  I was out starting right after Cata came out so, been a bit.

Ok, information:

Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/zuljin/Jeremaus/advanced

Under performing:  Pretty much any instance related encounter.  I can do AWESOME in trash pulls/ multiple enemies, but DPS goes through the toilet with single targer.

Rotation:  Charge > Furious Slash (to get 2-3 charges) > Blood Thirst (hits enraged useually) > Raging Blow > Furious Slash (BT and RB are now on CD). > Rampage > Raging Blow > Furious Slash > Blood Thirst rinse repeat.   

So first the completely Obvious.  My haste is only at 15%.  I feel the need to defend myself.  So, like, right after Legion dropped I remember coming on this site and seeing stat priority Str > Haste 18% > Crit 30%.  so when gearing, that is what I was going for.  Now....clearly something changed.

the problem is that You get a different stat weight/priority depending on what site you go to or who you ask.  So Before I spend time (and LOTS of gold) to re-gear to basically switch my Crit and haste around, I want to make sure I am not missing anything else completely off.  

On the rotation, I know that some people say to lay off of Furious Slash, but I think that by fitting it in when I can it helps BT crit.  And sometimes I will lay 1-2 furious slashs in even if Rampage is up (IF and only IF I just crit with BT).  I useually have a good enrage up time.


Any help is appreciated.


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Basically, Crit is useless for Fury. The weights you're seeing there are from the previous tier, when there was the 13/18% Haste cap and 30% Crit based on a the tier set.

Right now in Legion, Haste is king for Fury. You stack Haste because it allows you to generate more Rage faster and that means more uses of Rampage. Rampage is a guaranteed activator for Enrage.

Rather than tussle with stupid amounts of Crit to enrage, we can guarantee it by simply pushing for as many Rampages as possible. This is why Haste is best for Fury.

For your rotation questions, being able to look at a log is always much easier than helping through text. Could you post one?

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