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Fire mage minimum required

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Hello everyone,


I stopped playing wow since a long time ago when you needed to have a minimum of every stat to perform. I'm sorry If I don't explain myself really well because of my bad english but lemme explicite: before you had to have 33.52% of crit, 17.05% of mastery, 19.05 of haste, etc, etc.
After this minimum required in every stat it had a maximum and if you had reached it that was useless to go over, for example : if you had more than 24.53% of mastery you should roll it for haste (that's just an example)

My question is the next one (and if you have understand what I try to tell, that's not even easy I guess) : do it still thoses kind of required stat to have a minimum dps @ fire mage or this time is over ?

Thanks for your help mates, have a good evening

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Hey Etilea,

welcome back to the beautiful World of Warcraft :)

No, as you can read in the guide here, you don't have to have a minimum value of any stat. You just try to get as much as possible of your best stats! As fire mage you try to get as much crit as you can. There is no breakpoint to that!

Other classes/specs to have certain breakpoints.


Greeting Liý :)

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Just to add to what Lily says, with the addition of the Pyretic IncantationPyretic Incantation trait in your artifact, stacking Crit has never been better.

Fire Mage is actually performing VERY well, even with low gear levels, so that time of minimum stats etc. is gone.

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