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weapon damage - frost 2h

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how important is this compare to for example strenght?

atm i have the shin'ka with the 500str gem. all other lfr 2h weaps (or the crafted reborn) have much more damage than this but the strength is some what lower.

is damage range important for a frost dk?

is there any formula or something that i can look at?

tnx in advance!

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Based on stat weights I found on Elitistjerks, 1 Weapon dps = 2.5str

so for every 1 dps you gain, you can sacrifice 2.5 str and still have a net gain in dps.

assuming they're both un-upgaded any of the crafted 502's would gain 257 dps increase, and 71 str on the weapon itself. you would lose your 500str gem.

257 X 2.5 + 71 = 713.5 > 500

That's also not figuring in the stat weights for any secondary stats you would gain, and even if you give str the benefit of the doubt and assume weapon damage is only 2x as effective as str. you'll still have a dps gain by going with the 502 crafted.

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