I am doing something wrong with my Arms warrior...

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On the pre-patch i decided to reroll my main character to an Furry Warrior but with the low DPS coming with it soon after Legion launch i re-speced to Arms and got everything up nicely. But now i can barely pull up 50% of the DPS (as warcraft logs said) i am supposed to do.

What is my rotation:

  • Charge if possible
  • Colossus Smash if available
  • Spam Focused Rage with Slam
  • Mortal Strike once when i hit 3 stacks of Focused Rage
  • Additional Colossus Smash every time the debuff is nearly expired (if available)
  • Use Battle cry whenever possible

You can see my character here:


I cannot come to a conclusion what i am doing wrong, any help would be appreciated.

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Well, you should use MS on CD no matter how many stacks of FR you have, not just at 3. You should prioritize FR over Slam, so don't just use it with Slam. I only use both when I have like +30 Rage. You should also use CS on resets to get the Shattered Defenses-buff for MS. Having 3 stacks of FR, MS off cd, and a newly applied CS, before Battle Cry comes off cd can also be a huge help. Popping Batte Cry and then just spamming Slam isn't gonna do much for you, lol.

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Thanks for picking that one up Razid, was pretty busy with work and such.

He makes very good points, I'd agree with all of them. Tagging @Setak to see the comment.

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