Fury's near future: massacre + bloodbath?

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Here comes the wall of text:

As we get more haste, we can use more skills and more autos during enrage, and we generate more rage, and we will maintain enrage for more and more time and fight, so maybe soon there will be no need for removing enrage requirement for raging blow, making 4 sec cd. Ok, we lose also 50% of rb power, but we will get bloodbath instead, 10 sec dmg boost with 30 sec cd. First enrage we can get using combo battle cry + bloodthrist, and then maintain it mainly with rampage. It would look like this:


non enraged: 

1. bloodthrist (if will not overrage)
2. rampage
3. furious slash


1. bloodthrist (more rage for enrage maintain)
2. Odyns fury
3. raging blow spam

ofc dragon roar and eventually offensive cds before rampage, when it could be better to save battle cry for a moment when u got low rage and no enrage. Also remember, that sometimes bloodthrist will turn/renew enrage itself during crt (crt would be more viable than versatrility for egzample)


Rage problems during execute phase can be solved using massacre talent, which will give free rampage after execute, which means free enrage

for egzample:

1. bloodthrist (big rage gen, doesnt matter if enraged or not)
2. first execute to set free rampage (regardless of enrage)
3. rampage (if not enraged)
4. execute spam (if enraged)
5. raging blow


also remember, that soon bloodthrist will get a 15% buff, when raging blow will get only 5%, so rb will not be that stronger compared to bt as it is now. What do You think about it?


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Currently Massacre is the suggested talent by our guide, so yes, it is best. I'm not sure what else you were trying to say here?

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It's very likely, yes, but you'll still see use of Inner Rage on burst-add fights etc., in which Bloodbath won't be worth it.

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