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Affliction Haste Cap

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Im unfortunally one of them who had chosen Affliction warlocks as a main character. Like the spec but its a tough life being one. 

But in the old days Affliction was all about haste cap, getting them extra ticks from dots... Is this still the case, I know that people say that mastery is all the rage now a days. And it does benefit all our aspects of our dmg. 

Ive been testing a bit, im a dumb at this. So have any one read or found out yourself that there is a haste cap that is significantly good getting at?

Sorry for the English

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Reaching haste breakpoints for more DoT ticks is no longer a thing since they added partial ticks in (think this was at the start of WoD). If you have say a DoT that ticks for every second for 5 seconds. Now say it lasts for 5.3 then you will get a little extra at the end giving you the base and then 0.3 seconds worth of damage. So haste breakpoints are not a thing (would be pretty awkward with no reforging). 

Are you aware of pandemic (which is now 30%) and the fact that nearly all DoTs do not snapshot now? Unstable Affliction is the exception to this though and if I remember correctly it reacts slightly different as well to more haste and does not get extra ticks (except under pandemic).  

Anyhow, the guides that I looked at put mastery above haste and Crit not that far behind. If you are handy with it you can also play around with SimulationCraft. I have pretty much avoided Affliction this time around so haven't done any sims with it so I cannot say if there is a point where haste became less valuable. 

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This is my armoury http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/The Maelstrom/chantra/advanced

But yes, ive figured that they dont snapshot, and just recently knew that UA was the only spell that did benefit from oldschool snapshot. still waiting for the buff of the spec to see if it can fair with others now. but it will allways be my favourite spec. its just sad its so far behind even with our "reap soul" ability... 

When we pull on a boss in raid, I have zero applications of my Reap Souls - people tend to use Bloodlust/hero in the start of the fight.. meaning I have no chance of Reap Souls cast my Compunding UA's... its extremely difficult to ramp up your dps when we start this low on dmg :( and with no execution left like our old Drain Soul with increased dmg at 20%... its like hitting a brick wall. and very slowly taking down each brick... 

I just dont think the buff will add enough so that we have a raidspot in the guild... :( 

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I also have a similar question, I don't know if there is a moment where mastery is too much mastery.

Yesterday i got a 890 ilvl healm froom j'im (world boss), it has ~900 crit ~500 haste. IDK if I should use it or use my 855 healm with ~900 haste ~400 mastery.  (Similar situation with some gloves 860 vs 835)

/Edit I didn't think about int difference, the 890 gives me almost 600 int advantage so I'll be using that I think. Still I would like too know if I should start to look for something other than mastery

Currently I can be at 126% mastery, 13% crit (is that too low?) and 12% haste with an average of 849 ilvl (Which I assume is not important).

Or 120% mastery, 18.5% crit and 10% haste and an average of 852 ilvl.

This is my armory in case that helps: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/drenden/Karlophorus/simple

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I forgot to mention something
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