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Bm hunter better after tuesday?!

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Until the theorycrafters release their pearls of wisdom, it's too early to say. A simply buff/nerf list won't tell you much until it has all been simmed and checked.

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18 hours ago, zooinc said:

Will bm be better than MM after hotfixes tuesday? thanks

I think the buff will probably synergize well with the legendary's we can get.


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39 minutes ago, Erebess said:

But is the Beastial Wrath change a nerf or a buff, it says the bonus is 25%, but when I looked at my Hunter last night my bonus on the tool tip said 43%

BW baseline is 20%. If you selected certain talents, maxed unleash the beast in artifact weapon, or chose relics(unleash the beast), etc. your tooltip will reflect uniquely for you. The baseline will now be increased from 20% to 25%. So your tooltip should read 48% after the hotfix.

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