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I've recently gotten back into playing WoW after about 2yrs (So I'm a little rusty)... my guild is now raiding and I've been following the balance guide for rotations and been trying to sort out my stats with mr. robot.

I did MSV 10man the other night and my dps was terrible. Unfortunately I don't have a combat log but here is a link to my armory My ilvl is 478 and I've attempted to follow mr. robots optimise suggestions with reforging and got a couple of gems (getting enchants soon). What I'm asking is, is this lack of decent dps because of my stats?

I'm trying to figure out what went wrong because It was so bad that I ended up swapping over to my ilvl 475 mage (and jumped to top 3 dps). The others in the group had an average ilvl of 470-490.

Even if someone can just say, no it's not your stats or yes it is, would help immensely.

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Well, sadly but true balance druids will preform behind in dps at lower ilvls(~510), but if u wanna max out ur dps anyway heres some tips.

Stats: Int > Hit(15%) > Haste(5273 or 10289) > Crit > Mastery > Haste(beyond ur breakpoints)

With ur ilvl i'd recommend 5273 haste and rest crit. I also noticed ur not hit capped, even if its only 1% below, but if ur really unlucky with RNG, it can really bother u alot.


Keep ur ur dots, use Starsurge whenever possible, use wrath when reaching for Lunar, and Starfire when reaching for solar. Use Starfall on CD and remember to allways use ur CD's on cooldown as its a dps loss to delay them to long to combine them with other mechanics.

This is really just the top of what u need to know, balance really comes down to how used to are to playing it and the more ur gear grows, the more balance will start to shine =)

If u have any additional questions, do not hasitate to ask.

- Horcored

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Thanks for the quick reply Horcored!

From what you said, my rotation is fine (and I enjoy playing balance, that's why i'm a little disheartened by the crappy dps lol). I'll fix my hit and get my haste up and keep going with it and see how i feel once I get over 510. Thanks again.

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Ok, so I'm back (sorry for rezzing the thread, thought this would be cleaner).


Now with ilvl500... I'm currently trying to make sure my haste cap is correct and then prioritise everything to crit (for now, untill i can reach next haste cap)


I have the T14 bonus tick, so haste only needs to be 3,706... and then focus on crit. My problem is when I use AMR it's telling me that unbuffed i am at 27% haste... when i look in-game it shows me as 10.50%


Is there some difference in conversion? am i being blonde and getting mixed up with something? I've spent so much money on reforging now it's driving me bonkers! lol.


Stupidly enough I tried reforgelite and spent another 197g on reforging stats to get to that haste cap. im now 12.44% and character details showing as 5,286 haste (too much??)


Please help, I'm close to removing all reforges/enchants and starting anew. ugh.

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Reforgelite should have a T14 option when you select the spec. With 5286, it tried to reach the 5273 haste cap without the set bonus.

In AMR check the "from gear" checkbox. The values it shows just confuse otherwise. (it includes the base haste you would have even without gear. Just by being level 90)

Haste caps are

3706 (tier 14P4)


8806 (tier 14P4)


In general you just go for the highest breakpoint you can reach (even with gemming for haste). But you don't really wanna get below 5k crit rating imo. Or it just gets annoying for SS procs.

Note current best single target talents are actually treants and heart of the wild. (Incarnation is still very commonly taken though). Nature's Vigil not quite.

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Thanks for replying wixey,


Ah! Checking that box made a world of difference, the number are actually making sense now. Thank you, I was wondering what was the lowest crit I could get away with. 


Concerning my talents... I originally had the treants for some time and after reading the guides here, I changed to incarnation... But since i'm changing a few things I'll go back to treants and see if there's a noticeable difference to dps (I have the habit of using incarnation as an easy/quick way of DoTing multiple targets, hence why i didn't want to let it go! :s).


I never really thought that i'd use heart of the wild to it's full potential and for some reason didn't think that 6% int was better than the 10% damage boost (plus healing etc) for 30sec... I did some maths and that 6% is a +977 int bonus that i've been ignoring... 


Time for some training dummy tests. Thanks for the pointers!


...also playing with staff vs 1h+off... I'm a sucker for punishment... 

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      Paladin - Healing tool

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      Paladin - Light of Dawn info *additional*

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