Need help with Havoc trinket

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Yo i need to find which combination give me the best boost.

i have:

Mark of Dargrul 845

Vindictive Gladiator's Insignia of Conquest 840

Horn of Valor 845

Forest Creeper's Guile 850 +932Mastery


some simcraft would be nice :) thanks


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1 hour ago, Efsi said:

As Agility and Crit are our best stats i would recommend  Forest Creeper's Guile  +  Mark of Dargrul  (which procs 4 times a minute if we can trust wowhead)

Very wrong.


Horn of Valor and Glad trinket is by far the best combo of those listed.

Mark of Dargrul doesn't proc for crap and will often proc when it is not effective what with the nature of Momentum being that you're zipping around a lot.

Forest Creeper's agl is solid, but mastery is the lowest stat for DH and so that kind of mehs it.

Horn of Valor + Chaos Blades is AMAZING. HoV in general is awesome because you can use it for such crazy good burst.

Glad is static crit (awesome) and a very strong agl proc (awesome) combo with CB, HoV, Momentum, and meta to be god mode.

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