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Unholy DK need help with logs Cenarius HC

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Hello fellow famine, death, war and pestilence spreaders.

I need help with my dps at Cenarius HC. Last phase is pain for melee i know. The basic is familiar for me, in order i think iam better than basic, but some people so much outperforming me in this encounter. Can you please look at logs and tell me if you find sometnig what i cant? Thank you !

I use DA as 100 talent, i personaly hate Soul Reaper. Pustulent Sores for adds cleaving (trough DnD and SS), even i stick with "Scourge fishing" from Demonardvark.






Maybe is there major error i do in my rotation, i insert another log from Il'gynoth and Elerethe.


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Alright so taking a look at your logs, it appears the main things you're doing wrong which can fixed very simply is dark arb, dark arb is just frankly not very good, on any fight I heavily suggest soul reaper, and if you are going to use dark arb reguardless you def could increase your dark arbs output it's onyl getting about 1.5m per cast which isn't very good it's only doing like 500k more than a normal gargoyle you could probably get it too 2m atleast. Secondly you have missed casts of both Dark arb and apocalypse, there for a delay on one of your Apocs by like 22 seconds, which would have allowed you to cast 1 more before the fights end, similar story with dark arb. You missed 2ish? dark transformations one of them was delayed hugely like almost 47 seconds which is a long time. You over capped a little on festering wounds which is a problem but i recon it isn't a huge problem. One of your Apocs was only used with 6 casts of festering wounds which is a dps loss minimum 7 is needed honestly. Also don't pop army of the dead until you are lusting, lusting significantly increases your dps and being that army gives you a 15% increase it's a 15% increase on top of that huge dps increase from lust itself.

Upsides you had fairly good dot times 96.7% which could be improved but on cenarius it's kind of weird too keep 100% uptime. You were like never runic capped which ever I don't managed to do. I'd also suggest infected claws be changed too shadow infusion, I have the feeling you probably were using your talent set up being that people like Infeh (from serenity) and many other dks are often seen with these talent set ups. Though these are for mythic dungeons where they are killing bosses super fast and mainly on trash.

---- This was on your kill of Cenarius.



Edit: Infected claws probably actually caused atleast half those over caps on festering wounds.

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I guessed arbiter is the main problem. About 6 stacks and Apocs, i dont maybe doit it wrong, but i use 2x FS, deplete all runes and have 6stacks of FW, no runic power for DC, no Runic Corruption, and all runes run up, I Rather use Apocs with 6 FW then wait so much time for 2 runes to come and use it for another stacks. But its seem its wrong idea. Dark Transformation delay bcs i wait for mobs, which are needed to nuke down, its seem another bad idea :D

I pop up Army of Death before pull, so you suggest to wait for Bloodlust and then cast Army with Bloodlast up? 

Honestly i try Infected Claws first time here, i try to cleave trouhg DnD mobs via FW.

Thank you so much for time you spend for me, i very appreciate it! :)

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Np, honestly the main difference there with apoc 6 rather than 7 or 8 is that it spawns the 1 less ghoul which then doesn't apply the 3rd stack of pestilence (the dot they have) and it's awkward on the pull i know the felling but later in the fight it's more or less just making sure you have 8 by the time it comes up. And yeah army during lust is a huge increase does your not going to be able to cast it twice so might as well wait for it to be the more optimal time.

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