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Master vs Hit/Exp cap

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In the olden times you had to be hit/exp capped to be able to keep threat/aggro. Now Mr. Robot wants me to reforge everything into mastery and gem everything for mastery. This drastically lowers my hit/exp and i do not keep threat. I don't understand what I need to do.

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You can change the build to hit/exp which will cap you first, then prioritize mastery > Stam > ect.

Normally most of our threat comes from our vengeance, so the only time you should be having threat issues is imediately after a pull or on a tank swap.

Pull aggro can be fixed with a misdirect or tricks. tank swaps will still be an issues sometimes even when you're hit/exp capped, because the other tank will still have really high vengeance, and it will take a few seconds before your vengeance builds.

If dps are catching up to you in threat a few minutes into the fight then they must be drastically out gearing you.

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Your aggro doesn't all come from damage. Healing generates aggro too - and Death Strike will heal you whether the attack lands or not. The chances of DPS pulling off of you are slim to none. That said, the sacrifice you make in DPS, both for yourself and the other tank who will have to soft pedal or even stop attacking on tank swaps, makes a Hit/Exp > Mastery build more attractive for most comps - unless your other tank is a Warrior.

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