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Hey all.  I wanted to get some people's help if possible with what I'm doing wrong and why my DPS is so low.Øro/advanced - full normal EN clear (shostly stirke) - heroic nyth (quick draw)

Last week I was using quick draw, but this week i'm switched to ghostly strike.  I know on the normal raid logs my uptime on ghostly strike was really bad and it needs to be up all the time.  I also feel like i'm getting unlucky rolls for RtB and then I always settle for just the 1 buff.  I'm also wondering if my stat priority on my gear is incorrect and needs to be changed.

After yesterday's clear and seeing how low my dps was, i'm considering leveling my druid and playing feral/balance.

Any help on how to improve is greatly appreciated.

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I gave a quick look on your logs.

On some fights, you have too much time on 1-buff RtB rolls, this is not optimal - aim for two. Also, you should be using Vanish on CD, you got the Hidden Blade trait, that ensures you getting a guaranteed double hit Saber Slash and proccing Pistol. As for your major CDs (AR + artifact), you should use the artifact alone if you are under BL (Heroism) effects, because using in conjunction with AR, you'll end up overflowing too much energy and will make your AR kind of worthless, when you could pull a lot more DPS of it out of that situation.

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