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Warlock LF RBGs

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So many of you might know I'm quite the PvE guy...I'm 12/13H, will be 13/13H on Wednesday, and I'm looking to deck out and get some PvP achievements. The problem with RBG groups is no one will take me because my rating is 0 despite me being almost full Tyrannical by grinding points in Arena.

My question is...would someone out there in a very sweet group consider bringing me along? A nice tip may be in store, but I can assure you that while I may not be as good as the best, I can hang up there. I'd be playing Destruction, but I could swap and play anything your team desires. I'm not looking to hit the top 1% of teams, but I'm trying to knock out as many of those achievements as possible.

Since this tier will be on farm for me from now until Patch 5.4, I'd really like to start getting better in PvP than just aspiring to get Conquest Points and get gear that has no use. I love doing random BGs and having the best gear and better knowledge of how these are played is a huge aspiration of mine.

I'll share my battletag if a group pops up, but I'd like to keep the spam friend invites down. Thanks for taking a look!

Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/chogall/Zagam/simple

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