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Your Super Shiny Wish List

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I'm keen to hear what other people would love to see in game, a "wish list". Doesnt have to be realistic, or likely, we all know that Blizz do what Blizz do generally speaking


For my part i would love to see:

A proper capital city for the factions, Stormwind and Orgrimmar are both Put to shame by Suramar City, If they can do it for a questing area, they can do it for Faction capitals. Perhaps don't model the faction capitals on Venice though. Venice is a pain in the bum to get around, So is Suramar. But making capitals interesting places to explore would be great.

Remove Class order titles from other players, Nothing ruins immersion or the sense of accomplishment for being named "Highlord" as much as seeing every other bloody player with the same title

Change the appearance of Artifacts on other players, Again nothing spoils the immersion of being the Highlord and wielding the ashbringer more than seeing every other Player with the same. Im pretty sure it wouldnt be that hard to make other players weapons appear to be something else.

A few more legion mobs. Given how "hard" the Legion were invading pre-expansion, it doesn't feel much like an invasion now so much as a minor inconvenience that is getting in the way of pretending to be a night elf mana junkie. 

Dynamic scaling on all content. Give us a reason to visit Kalimdor other than auto flying to old raids that we are farming for transmogs. Make the old content fun, relevant and rewarding at level cap. 

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The main expac villain thing has always been present. Take WoD we are going to Draenor to stop the original horde now super charged with the most advanced modern technology. Instead we spend the first 100 hours with sick chickens and ogres. Just sort of how things usually play out XD. Come patch 7.3 I'm sure we'll really start to see some hardcore legion invested areas.

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