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Help with MW

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Hello, I am by no means new to healing, having played the roll every expac on various classes, however MW is new to me. My healing isn't keeping us from progressing, but I do not feel it is quite where it should be.

Talent wise, for the moment I almost always use Focused Thunder. I have not seen Mana Tea to save me enough mana over a fight to be worth not having 2 stacks of TFT. I also use CHi-Ji in essentially all situations, as RJW's mana cost would be unsustainable at the moment, with the length of our fights. I have also been using EF sparingly, if ever, as the mana cost is so high. The buff to mastery, although quite nice, does not seem to benefit me very much, as by the time I get my RM out and maybe a couple effuse or whichever spell I chose, Most people will have been toped off by the other heals. 

My gear is definitely not well optimized at the moment, but what can you do with random drops. When it comes to the logs, our guild is still rather new, so we are still figuring things out a little. I feel that fights often go on longer than necessary, and a few of our members enjoy taking that extra damage when they can. 

Anyways, if anyone has input, it would be greatly appreciated 

Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/stormrage/Caarcharoth/simple

Logs 1st week raiding: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/8bpJ7YyAjBNcMZTn

Logs 2nd week: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/vhYrMTV2CfkzjtJN/#

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Hi Caarcharoth,

As a disclaimer I want to say that everything below is just my opinion and might be completely wrong!

I'm going to split this post into two segments. Stat priority, Positioning and skill usage.


Stat priority

As you've already said, your gear isn't optimal. All you can do is get is as close to optimal as possible with the drops you're given.

Here you can find some in depth information about what stats are currently the best for mistweaver monks. In short, that's versatility > crit > haste > mastery. your gear has more haste and mastery than versatility/crit. You'd rather have lower ilvl gear with versa/crit than what you are currently wearing. Below is my current gear:


I personally dislike haste as it drains my already limited manapool quicker. Getting gear with versa/crit definitely helped me out with my mana problems.


Positioning and skill usage

So from your logs i saw that you casted Chi Burst 53 times healing for a total of just under 2 mil. (Ursoc fight 2nd week).

Now that I'm comparing that with the logs i've gotten today (below) it seems like you don't really position your chi bursts well.


Chi Burst has incredible healing potential. It's okay to wait a few seconds or roll to a better location to get a good Chi Burst off.

You are also investing a bit too much into the Lifecycles passive having ~18% overhealing with Enveloping Mist ( I have the exact same problem) Enveloping Mist is a great skill, but it's an expensive healing over time effect. Your target is usually already at 100% HP when Enveloping mist still has 50% of it's duration remaining. I would suggest using essence font more often over Enveloping Mist + Vivify. I usually cast essence font when more than half the raid is below 50-75% HP. If there is a fewer number of people that require healing i usually use Vivify. I tend to stay away from casting Enveloping Mist on anyone other than the tanks.


In short: Try to position your Chi Bursts better, focus on getting versatility and crit on your gear to help you sustain your mana better and cast more Essence Font!

I hope this helped

P.S. get a druid to innervate you for free essence fonts!

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Another tip (That is pure opinion) is that you might try picking up man tea to use when there is high damage going out to be able to use EF more freely. I notice that you didn't use Essence Font at all during Cenarius, Dragons, and only got one cast off during Nythendra. Popping EF and then spamming Vivify while EF's dot heals them up can be really strong AoE healing. Not only that, but I agree with Gambira's analysis of Chi-Burst.

(Log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/CcmTHx2V1bFDvdZh#fight=10&type=healing&source=13 Don't ask why we wiped so much... I don't want to talk about it...)

As you can see, even though it was a wipe, my healing on everything except Revival has ~10-15% (Mists of Sheilun being an outlier) overhealing and Vivify is my highest healing spell. From your logs, it almost seems as though you're healing too passively and letting ReM heal the most for you, almost as if you're afraid to spend your mana. If you take the TFT upgrade talent, then Vivify should definitely see more play in your logs over ReM to get more raid healing out instead of having three ReM. Two free Viv's would generate so much healing. 

Another point is to look at my essence font usage as compared to yours (which you didn't use on dragons lol). Don't be afraid to spend your mana if people need the healing.

One more tip: If you find yourself reacting to damage more than you find yourself expecting the damage from spells, you're always going to be finding yourself overhealing more and healing more passively than actively c: ! Hope this helped.

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