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About Us
Death is Eternal is a future 20man raiding guild on Turalyon-US (EST/N),
Created before the start of the current release of the Legion expansion. Most of the core officers are experienced raiders, we know the ins and the outs to what truly makes a team good. This group was created on a common future goal to experience all the current raids in mythic content and destroy them. In order to do this we believe that we will must not have drama, effective loot distribution and equal dedication from everyone in the guild.

Our sole focus of the guild is to progress, we will not be diving into achievements, mounts, or transmogs. We use Ventrilo as our voice communication, we expect everyone to be on it 110% of the time.

Our raid nights are:
Tuesday: 8-11PM EST
Thursday: 8-11PM EST
Sunday: 8-11PM EST

Ele Shaman
Resto/Balance Druid
Death Knight
Arms Warrior
Holy/Disc Priest

Contact us at:
JuicyJugs#1962 (GM/Current RL)

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