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Outlaw dps confusion

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I just got sat out of my guilds raid because my dps has plummeted from last week. so nurfs. But in dungeons it's stayed mostly the same. As far as I know my rotation is good and I've been following the guide for outlaw rogues from here but i only managed 189k (at best) on Elerethe Renferal .


my artifact weapon progress

Here's my dps from dragons from earlier tonight


And here's some from elerethe



Here's a log from last weeks dragons heroic



now i'm confused as to whether or not it's just that fight or if it is something I'm doing wrong

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Let me understand this: he sat you because of your performance on Elerethe fight (that were wipes)?


On Dragons from Sep 29th, there's a HUGE issue on your gameplay: you're staying with 1-die rolls. You should be rerolling to get at least 2 buffs.



WCL was off yesterday, couldn't check on them. Looked today, and towards the end of the Sep 26th Dragon's fight, you kept only 1 buff on rolls. Should be rerolling whenever possible. Use the shadows and adds to reset your MfD (if you know they're coming), else keep an eye on it. I suggest that you read this thread that Carrn wrote about RtB so you can get a better picture of what to keep and what not.

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