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Need Critique for Disc Priest

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Hey guys! I need some help....I went back to disc spec as my main spec about a month ago and it has been a series of crash courses and trials by fire in the continuous quest to be the best healer I can be. I'm well aware of the basics and have in my opinion been fairly successful thusfar (12/12 ToT w/ heroic attempts on first boss).

However, it has been brought to my attention that I may not be performing as well as I should, particularly with "clutch" healing. I will preface and say that I completely forgot about Inner Focus (yeah, very embarassed), and did not use it in rotation on a dying team member: PWS, Penance, Inner Focus, Greater Heal, etc....

It has also taken some time, and a work in progress with using my spirit shells properly. I have begun focusing more on popping them 10-12 sec before massive amounts of damage and then using them on cd, though the latter is harder to do when 2 healing. I use PWS on tanks and anyone who is taking extreme amounts of damage or for speed boost on Megeara for cinders. Since 5.4 I tend to use Penance on the tanks more and it is taking some retraining to get used to that. Still attoning, some fights more than others.

I'm looking for some constructive criticism be it my stats, gems, glyphs, etc, etc...

Here are my links:

http://www.wow-heroes.com/character/us/Stormrage/v%C3%A4l/ on wow-heroes

http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/Stormrage/v%C3%A4l/advanced Armory

http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-gzzuadirg66gl7xj/ logs from earlier this week

http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/9t47w7j1oll6bdm1/ logs w/ heroic attempts

http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/i6c0wir4w2ewx2dk/ logs from earlier

Thank you all for any help, and putting in the time to check these out. Much appreciated!


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From what I can see, most of your logs look fine. You could maybe atonement more during down time. The smart heal is faster than anything you can do to someone who is not full health.

Penance does really good atonement heals as well. It does help heal someone quick when they are low, but don't "not use it on CD" just for that. If its off CD and someone needs a quick heal, its definitely a good spell to pop on them.

For more "clutch healing" I would say make Void Shift and Desperate prayer your friend. Find a comfortable keybind for Void Shift and either macro desperate prayer into it or pop it from a different keybind. I find that I'm always using void shift on every fight and even trash. It's just a great life saving tool (or way of killing someone =P). Another tool is your Life-Grip. If someone is standing in bad stuff, don't hesitate to grab them and move them out and start spamming them with heals. Or if a tank is running around from a pack of adds or a tank ability that is about to one shot them. Grip them and spam them. Spirit shell can also be a very powerful single target CD when timed properly.

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So this is a quick copy paste from another post I made about someone needed help with a disc priest.

I don't know who told them that they should be doing 100K Hps, that seems a little outrageous, unless maybe you are two healing things. My team hasn't had to two heal a fight yet, that's one of the perks of have a disc priest is they can just atonement heal and do some dps. Coupple things about gear to recommend off the start. Unless you are actively raiding ToT I would recommend upgrade the 476 dark moon trinket, if upgraded twice to a 484ilvl it has the same spirit proc as Spirits of the sun from Terrace. Like someone said earlier keeping Rapture used on cooldown is a good thing, I use ExtraCD to keep track of it. However unlike a lot of disc priests, I don't make an effort to keep Grace up on the tank, I see it as a wasted Penance or whatever I could be using to atonement heal. And like already stated knowing when to use spirit shell is a skill to learn. I don't really use it as often as I should because I know my two other healers will be able to keep the raid up, I usually just try to Pop Inner Focus, with Evangelicalism and Prayer of healing, just to make sure everyone is topped of, and put a little 40-50K bubble on everyone. If it's a fight like Jin'rokh for lightning storm, Prayer of Mending On cooldown, and Cascade. You should be able to get 3 prayer of mending off during a lightning storm if you cast it about 10 seconds before it starts. I'm going to post my logs and my armory so you can look at what you want. I honestly don't gem that much spirit, I have 9.4k without food or flask, I just straight crit. However, I do need the 300 spirit food and a spirit flask in order to keep my mana in check. Just something to think about.


This first one is Heroic Jin'rokh and then reg the rest of the way to Megeara


And this one is Ji-Kun up, except for some reason Lei Shen isn't showing up :


I agree with some of the things Krazyito said. Disc priest aren't really raid wide clutch healers, but Void Shift is an amazing cooldown, and I have mine macro'd to used Desperate Prayer right afterwards so I'm not at stupid low health. Like they said Penance is good for atonement healing also. However I will say, that even if I am standing in stupid, if you leap of faith me, I will F-ing nerd rage on you, this is a personal thing for me though. A couple specific things from looking in logs, and everything I say is personal preference, and I'm not saying either way is better then the other.

Jin'rokh - I spend about 95% of this fight atonement healing, damage and healing increase just make it so OP, I see you are using a lot of power word shields, and I just try to use those to keep Rapture on cooldown. I usually pop a shield on someone with the Lightning orb just for the run speed and to absorb the damge. Honestly anymore I don't even spirit shell for Lightning storm anymore, I just prayer of mending on cooldown during it, about a second into is, inner focus, archangel, prayer of healing to heal a bit and bubble everyone a bit, and then cascade, and then back to atonement healing.

Horridon - Are you just atonement healing on the boss the entire time, because honestly with the huge damage buff, there is no reason not to, other then some AoE healing when Jalak comes down. But when I do that fight I usually end somewhere right around 100K dps,

Megeara - Your healing numbers are actually really awesome and it looks like you are spirit shelling every rampage. This is another fight I just atonement heal on for the most part, how ever my two other healers are really good and I know they can keep the raid up, not saying anything bad about yours, just don't know how they work :D.

Also after looking at logs I'm realizing that you are two healing some of these fights, which is something I have never had to do as disc because we have never had a problem with a close enrage or anything, especially with me just atonement healing. But anyways you're healing numbers don't look bad by any means, and if your healing style works for you keep it :D I think I said this in my copy/pasted thing, but for stats and all that, that I just realized you ask for after I went on this huge essay XD Your talents and glyphs look just fine, stats I see you are reforge into crit which is awesome,You can look at my amory, and I gem pretty much all crit, unless I need another color socket for a bonus. Anyways I'm done talking now, and hopefully I didn't type out to much : Good luck :D

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