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Holy Priest mana issues and log check.

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I have been having mana issues even in normal, but my throughput still isn't great. We cleared normal on Tuesday and are moving into heroic tonight so I would love some input on my logs.

Here is our normal run from Tuesday: Logs

I have been specifically looking at the Ursoc fight, but had issues on Cenarius, Il'gynoth, and Xavius as well.

A couple of things right off the bat:

  • We were overhealing, especially for normal (4 healers, 14-15 man raid), which may be why my throughput was low.
  • Our DPS is atrocious as far as ilvl/DPS goes. Thats a different conversation.

I did get targeted by the charge twice in a row, which caused more movement than in other pulls, but that should have a minor impact. I tried to take advantage of both Power of the Naaru and Divinty when using PoH. We had a ton of CDs with 4 healers, so I didn't get to maximize Hymn usage, but that still doesnt explain the mana issues. I had 37% overhealing, which may be a little high, but doesnt seem crazy. (Pally had 27%, Druid 1 38%, Druid 2 48% for reference). 58% overheal on Echo, which also may be a bit high, but its always going to be fairly high. I have mastery stacked, with crit prioritized 2nd. My trinkets are weak (ilvl is ok but they are just static stats), but all the rest of my gear is in pretty good shape.

I have seen logs where people with similar gear are able to basically spam PoH and do way more throughput without having the mana issues I am having. Any ideas?

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okay first of all do you have a link to your armory? would be helpfull to have a look at your gear :)

you can have a look at my fight with ursoc HC here:


now to the point:

1. do you use your Apotheosis? or do you use something else?

2. you are at 37.66% overhealing wich can be a lot but for normal that seems pritty okay to me. how ever try to put it lower by learning the figth and to pre heal to the damage that will come.

3. your Holy Word: Serenity is used fairlly low compared to the amount of flash heals you do. and because it is sutch a big heal you should always use it on cooldown on somebody that is lower than 75% health.

4. you have a talent called Symbol of Hope wich can help with the mana issues but tbh you should not use it sinse it is sutch a heavy tank fight i would go for Guardian Angel because it is a flat 40% healing increase or a res if needed on a 1.30m CD if it expires.

if you could answer on those questions would be great because that way i might be able to find where your problem is.

Gl and Have fun raiding :)

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1. I do run Apotheosis, but probably dont get as much usage out of it as I could.

3. I could have used serenity more, but on normal, it never felt like an emergency so i always kept it in my back pocket in case I needed it.

4. On normal, I went with Light of the Naaru, but Guardian Angel might be worth checking out.

I did some heroic pulls last night. The throughput was way up and the overhealing was way down (20% range). I think I was just trying to pump numbers too much and wound up burning mana that I didn't need to.

Here's a link to those logs. The last 4 pulls or so we dropped from 4 to 3 healers and the way things felt started to match up with the numbers. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/2tgakqAVCcXKnvzN#cutoff=3&type=healing

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okay let's have a look.

so first of all i did not really look at your composition but idd you don't need 4 healers with a 13 player group. we run 4 healers with 20/22 player group and runs just fine tbh. it is idd possible that in normal you overheal because the damage is lowerd quit a bit compared to Heroic or even Mythic. but let's see where you can improve to get more use of mana and to not run out so fast :)


1. you can use  ApotheosisApotheosis at the first charge and just spam 2/3 Prayer of HealingPrayer of Healing to get Holy Word: SanctifyHoly Word: Sanctify back of cooldown in the mean time use Holy Word: SerenityHoly Word: Serenity when ever off cooldown on a tank or a low player (don't save it because you lose a lot of healing this way).

2. At the second big aoe use Divine HymnDivine Hymn so it will be back up later on in the fight (one big tip talk with your other healers this way they know when you pop an aoe and can focus tank healing and ofcourse the toher way around to).

3. yea normal Light of the NaaruLight of the Naaru should be okay but for heroic or mythic it might be beter depends all on the tanks ofcourse :).

4. if i look at your gear i see one big difrence and that is haste/mastery/versatility:

      4.1 versatility should be a no go in my opniion because we as holy don't really get a lot out of it.

      4.2 haste can be alright if you know the breaking point but i think it is more like our 3th stat prio

      4.3 Mastery compared to me is almost half to what i have. but i must say i piked every gear with high           mastery will change to a lower % once i get more raiding gear but will still be at around 40%. 

5. if i look at those last loggs i must say you use your Flash HealFlash Heal A LOT and it is a mana burner if you just keep doing that. is there a reason why you do this? because if it is to top of aoe damage rather use Holy Word: SanctifyHoly Word: Sanctify first and then some Prayer of HealingPrayer of Healing to get it back of cooldown.

i think if you take this all into count and work on finding a way how you can make it work for yourself. because let's be honest i can write what i am doing every fight but prob wont even work for you. just try some new stuff out and don't be afraid to use cooldowns at the start they are mostlly 3m so will be more than enough time to get them back on the end when they are needed.


hope this helps you further into Hercoic raiding and GL with ursoc next try :)


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