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Need Some Help im on the strugglebus

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Hey guys thanks for checking out my post.

I'm having problems with maintaining my dps throughout the raid. In 5 mans I always do really well but something about Normal/heroic raids im always bottom tier of the dps. Could someone analyze my dps and let me know if im doing something wrong. Im stacking Haste/crit and I feel like my rotation is solid. Thanks!

Destruction -





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From looking at these logs im almost sure i know what you are doing wrong...

Stop casting chaos bolts just because you have shards to do so.

Only time you should cast a CB is if you have 4+ shards. The reason for this is because of eradication. I can see how low your incinerate and immolate damage is and that tells me there's a good chance you are stacking eradication. 

The idea behind eradication is to have it up as much as possible for the duration of the fight. Sure, CB hits look nice when buffed by eradication, but its not there for your CB (unless you hit those lucky streaks where you cant dump shards fast enough). When you stack eradication you are reducing its duration over the course of the fight. Instead, weave them around your other casts. In a perfect world, your CB would be hitting the boss the instant your last eradication debuff falls off and reapplying it. 

EDIT: i should actually add to this when it comes to small adds that need to die really fast, i find spamming chaos bolts is not a bad thing. Just not on high hp targets like bosses.

Additional tips:

1. dont spam conflag just because you have 2 up (also try to avoid having two up to begin with). Like Eradication, Backdraft does not stack. Conflag gives you the backdraft buff for 5 seconds. so 2 conflags give 10 seconds of backdraft. when you pop 2 in a row, you are basically wasting a conflag and only getting the 5 seconds. Once again, uptime is what you are going for.

2. dont let immolate fall off and only recast at around 5 seconds or less.


Destro is by far the easiest spec to play, but i feel its also the easiest spec to fuck up with. You miss one thing or cast an extra thing, it will put a big dent in your dps. Timing is everything. I personally love Affliction more but hate it in its current state, and demo just feels so damn sloppy with its Demonic Empowerment mechanic i dont even want to play it so im sticking with destro for now even though its my least favorite spec.

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All good points. 

Tipsy, I haven't done Ursoc on heroic yet so I am not sure how much movement there is out of the puddles after roar but be aware that you several gaps in casting. For example, from 25-41 seconds not one spell. Did you really have to move for 16 seconds? If so you probably would have had instants. 

Few other issues (only looked at one report though):

Immolate uptime: 83%

Eradication: 48%

Capped on soul shards (though sometimes it will happen).

No GoServ use

No Doomguard/Lord of Flames use.

Your flask ran out at the start of the fight. No potion or food buff from the look of it either. (Perhaps you were over raid time and didn't rebuff but these things really help a lot).

Good luck.

Disclaimer: Always may be an error.

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yea heroic ursoc is a...bear... of a fight (haaaaa). But you have to constantly move. not enough to have that much downtime though.

that whole place is a...nightmare...on heroic.

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