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Are non-momentum builds at all viable?

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I have come to the conclusion that I am extremely bad at the momentum build. Or just demon hunters in general, although I've mained this guy since the day they were released. Did my first EN run last night with my guild, which is social and not especially raid-focused. And my damage was beyond bad. Every other DH around my itemlevel (848) that I've met seems to be pulling around 200k - 250k. I sit around 100k - 150k, at times going as low as 90k. I had a look at the log for the raid and there are a plethora of issues that needs to be adressed, like momentum upkeep, to wasting less chaos strikes. I feel kinda bad because I'm so terrible at ST damage that I feel like I hold my friends back when we run mythics.

At this rate things are going so badly that I'm starting to wonder if I wouldn't do better with a non-momentum build even though they're not as good. My guild is casual, we usually just do normal raids and I run a few mythics+ with a few guildies/friends.
I've seen a few people run a First Blood/Nemesis build instead, although I've found very few guides or discussions about it.

What do you guys think? Keep hammering Momentum build until it gets through my thick skull, or try Nemesis?

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Non Momentum builds are definitely worse, but if you simply are unable to pull it off reliably, taking a non-invasive option such as Nemesis will definitely help you. The easiest way to get better at a class is to remove some of the more difficult mechanics and improve on the base, and then re-introduce the problem things when you are more comfortable to see if you can improve on it then.

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