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Help with my Destruction

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Hello all Warlocks,

I'm new Warlock player although I played warcraft for a very long time & achieved quite a bit. This xpack I decided to play Warlock and get back to raiding.   While i can freely do mythic+ I feel like I am underpreforming in Raids. 

Rotation I use is basic, taken from guide made by Furty. 

Here is my armory: 

Here are logs: 


And few questions: 
I'm currently at 36% haste - should i stack it further or drop it in order of Mastery/crit? In most guides Mastery is worst but a lot of warlocks according to logs run at ~ 60%  Mastery  (I have 47%) 

I can't seem to decided on trinket (Also paying attention to my stats). Currently running with Swarming PlagueHive & Wriggling Sinew but I have Naraxas Spiked Tongue (840)

I swap talents on raid encounters (mostly Grimoire & Soul conduit/Wreak havoc). How does it look with Roaring Blaze & Backdraft - on all EN encounters BD will be better? Did recent buffs actually make RB better than BD? 

During burst I use all 3 charges of dimensional rifts, should i use them on cd or should I keep them till 3 charges and burst again? (pure ST like Urosc) 


Any advice will be kindly appreciated!!
Thank all of you in Advance

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36% seems very high (especially for Destro) to me though I cannot actually point you in the way of any concrete evidence. I'm going haste/crit and avoiding mastery/vers unless it's a big item level upgrade. 

Your percentiles are pretty high. Compare yourself to other locks, not any other class in your raid.

The Naxx trinket is good for ST but that's not really Destro's strength. It also depends on what item level your other 2 are and I guess whether you can stand at range. 

As for talents go to https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/10#boss=1853&difficulty=4&class=Warlock&spec=Destruction and you can see the most popular talents and who is using different then flick through the bosses.  Be a bit aware that this list could still include pre-patch reports but as we got buffed that is unlikely. Or you could also go to the magnifying glass and just excluded fights before that date to be sure.

Not sure about rifts but be aware that they not affected by Eradication though they are by haste. So you can either go for highest effect/when you need burst/for mobility.

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Seems like soon I will have a different Demo/Destro gear set and/or maybe gem different as I think I am aiming for at least 36% haste for Demo. I have a few Affliction (high mastery) pieces as well so that could work. 

My haste does feel a little high in Destro (32%) now to be honest (especially as I play with BD and RE) and will be nicer for the spells to hit harder. 

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