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Hey yall,

Now that Felblade is now the best single target setup along with prepared and momentum. I need a bit of practice on it. Granted there are only a couple single target fights. Need to be the best for all encounters right? 

My question is the best time to use Felblade. 

Basically it comes down to, do I use Felblade inside a momo window? If I am inside a window, I would have already generated the fury to dump on chaos strike/annihilation. So is Felblade more used for its dps, or for its fury generation?

So far I have just been pairing it with a VR then two chaos strikes, and then pretty much whenever it procs when I am not capping fury. I figure there is a much better priority for it that just randomly using it. 

Logs here if you want to see them. Was practicing on Heroic Xavius. (Bloodlet much better for that fight, but wanted some felblade experience).


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Felblade isn't the best. Even after the nerfs, the talents remained unchanged in terms of what you want to take. Demon Blades is getting used a lot more but that is it.


Felblade doesn't beat glaive.

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