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An idea to balance Havoc, simple and effective

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Hello guys,
To be frank, Havoc's AOE is overpowered. But, his dps against single target is weak, especially after the latest hotfix.
The hotfix nerfed Bloodlet from 200% to 150% (BLZ planned to nerf it to 100%?), but everybody still choose Bloodlet, because the other 2 choices in Tier 3 are really weak.

I have a simple idea to balance the Tier 3 talents:

Felblade: an additional effect: leaves a debuff on the target which increases your damage to it by 30%, last 5 sec.

First blood: reduce the rage cost of blade dance by 10, blade dance hits every one more target, decrease the CD by 1 sec, but minimum is 3 sec.

Bloodlet: just keep the same as current.

So what will happen?
Choosing Felblade, your dps vs single target will increase maybe about 20%, but you lose about 10% from Bloodlet. So the dps finally will increase about 10%. Still lower than those T1 single-target-killer such as shadow priest, arm warrior, but much better.
However, you lost some power in AOE.

Choosing Bloodlet: best solution when keep fighting against 2 to 3 targets.

Choosing Firstblood: best choice in AOE situation.

When BLZ thought Havoc is too powerful / weak against single target, we need just adjust Felblade's debuff value, without thinking over Bloodlet or anything else. One value is enough!
So Havoc's dps against single target and AOE can be easily balanced. If AOE is too powerful, BLZ can nerf Bloodlet or Blade dance, because these skills will no more be played in single target cycle.

And, when choosing Felblade, the combat will be more funny and challenging, for you have one more debuff to watch over.

So just modify the talents in Tier 3, then we get the final solution for Havoc.


PS: I'm a player from China, many friends support this idea. I try to post it on BLZ's official forum, but I can't create an account... really sad. I know Icy-Veins have many great players, you can change something to make our class better. Thanks a lot!



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They should have just done what they did with WW. Maintain ST, nerf the damage abilities do to enemies beyond the primary target. 

I like your ideas anyway. I'm happy with anything that maintains balance :D

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No, Bloodlet is still the way to go for now.  The original nerf as mentioned was down to 100% on Bloodlet, but modified to be 150% instead.  The other part of the original nerf was -30% to Throw Glaive, which also was removed.

At this point, Bloodlet is still stronger than Felblade.

Felblade would probably be fine if it were just changed to chaos damage so could take advantage of mastery, no need to buff it's damage or add a debuff component to it.

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Thanks all!

I don't think the current Felblade as an ideal choice.

Because since Felblade is the best combo with Retreat, so Tier 2 talent Prepared is good. But if I don't pick Demon blades, I still need 1 GCD to cast Felblade, which is just slightly better than casting a Demon's bite. So I should still choose Demon blades? 

So even if Felblade is simply buffed to higher damage, I still don't think it works. An additional debuff maybe more effective and easy to adjust.


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Felblade just works if you want to simplify things, basically. For pure output, it's worse.

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