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Tankhealing in Raids

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What classes are good Tankhealers?

We are about to start into HC Raids, but want to eventually go gor mythic content as well. Sadly no one of us is willing to play Holypala. We have 2 Diszi/Holy Priests, one Mistweaver, one Druid and a Resto Shaman.

I know everyone uses Holypaladins for that, but are there any alternatives? What is the second and third best Tankhealing class in the game?


thanks, Tyrannon

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My team already did 2 full HC runs, and while we have a Holy Pala, we never assign specific healers to the tanks. Even when our Pala is not around, it's fine so don't you be too worried about healing comp.

For more details, focus direct healing abilities (tank healing) by classes would be somehow like this:

1. Holy Pala

2. Holy Priest

3a. A very good Disc Priest may be here

3. Resto Shaman (has to respec for a pure tank healing - this will affect their AoE healing)

4. Resto Druid (has to respec  for a pure tank healing  - this will affect their AoE healing)

5. A not very good Disc Priest may be here

I didn't put here a MW monk because I didn't have time to test the class by myself in Legion and saw zero monk healers around so - I just don't know how their healing is now.

While I added 1-5 numbers, the difference in healing done is not that high and actually having good single target healing abilities doesn't make a healer focus on them. In addition, DK, Prot War and a bit less DH have such an incredible amount of selfhealing that many times they even bit 'normal' healers in logs. Here for example a healing on tank distribution from our last HC raid (all bosses together):

on a DK tank

on a DH tank

As you can see, apart of a Holy Pala, all the other healing classes are close enough to each other.

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