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Shaman Enhancement PVP build, rotation, gems and enchanting guide please !!!

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Hello Guys.

Is here anyone willing to share with me a good Shamy Enhancement PVP build, rotation gems and enchanting guide please? I'm still on low level right now, just rolled the shamy, but I found myself at lvl 50 with 2 bars of spells and tottems and is getting crowded. There is something I must give on, like some totems or spells for sure. It can't be this many things I must use during combats.

Please help me out here. I only have experience with rogues warrs and healers. But never played Enhc Shamy and I';m very confused though I'm only 50. Don't wanna imagine how crowded my bars will be at lvl 90.

Any Links or ideas will be appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance and have a great time :)

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You shouldn't worry alot now for pvp and enhancement. PvP is fun for enhance as long as your teamm8 will cover you on cc and won't let you being stunlocked for the duration of your offensive cds.

I am no pvp master, i play sometimes arena and bgs for fun with a friend or two. However my 2 cents..

I spec'ed my shaman for haste even before 5.3 for pvp. (elemental mastery/primal elementalist talents) and one thing that many players don't consider as enhancement is the critical rating. The thing is you die pretty easily as enhance so it is important to be fast and get over with it or die and try again. I guess on high tiers of pvp battle things might change..but it's a good start and it performs surprisingly well.

Explanation for critical stirke rating priority.

Without a good % of critical strike chance you don't have a lot of flurry uptime which is really really important. Flurry, except giving you a boost in haste it also boosts the haste rating given from the gear. Thus having loads of haste in gear gives even more haste with flurry. This is something that many enhance shamans kept forgetting at the start of MoP expansion and they were stacking mastery so high with extremely low amounts of critical strike rating.

Anyway my advices are to go for agi agi-haste gems wherever you can and reforge to critical strike rating for as much as possible. You can reforge from mastery for it and not haste.

Now about rotation, depends, your enemies spec and combination. You should follow the pve rotation however keep that frost shock ready (especially with frozen power talent). Primal Elementalist is pretty useful, if the enemies have casters, fire elemental is your thing , however if you are against a control team/enemies then earth elemental is better with the skill it has that channels to you -30% dmg taken.

I should comment on elemental blast talent because it gives an awesome buff which is substantialy better on low pvp gear..From my experience though, you don't get that many mw x5 stacks in arena to use that too, however it has a huge damage long range..

About the rest of the talents, at first tier, it's better to use astral shift if you have healers with you or stonething totem if you are without. If you are on a team with melees vs frost mages/ hunters etc, the windwalk totem is useful however i prefer frozen power because it surprises most casters Posted Image. I also prefer totemic restoration on the next tier of talents. Elemental Mastery and Primal Elementalist is my preference with ancestral guidance for healing.

The pvp arenas for enhance shaman don't last long, especialy in 2v2 if you are 2 dpsers and if you are me Posted Image, its you dead or them dead fast, so i don't know if using a MWx5 heal on you is better than bolting an enemy. This is based on your experience and how you think the battle will go. In general if you know you will get attacked focused you should spam your defensive cds first(if you get attacked) and then spam those offensive cds , after stuns from rogues etc. Many enemies wait for you to pop ascendance and then stunlock you.

You should weapon imbue on main hand windfury and frostbrand on offhand.

There are many useful glyphs for pvp, some for mobility, some for survivability . The shamanistic rage glyph is good, the lightning shield even better and healing storm is useful too.

I just want to add that especialy for glyphs and for some talent tiers, you must make choices last moment inside the arena depending the enemy composition. Caster teams who can slow you down will be easier with windwalk talent and spirit walk glyph. Melee teams will have tough time with you with capacitor glyph and earthgrab/ frozen power talent. I think BGs are a good place to get experience on these things, utilize them and see how they perform.

Anyway i think i wrote too many and mixed up, i am sure there is a pro shaman around to categorize these t

things Posted Image

ps/ about the buttons, i feel you 100% , we must be one of the worse classes out there on button quantity..but in the end you will see that some buttons are seldom used :)

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I'm afraid I have no real interest in PvP myself, so I don't have anything to add at the moment. However, it has been mooted that I-V could do some PvP guides in the future. Your request has definitely been noticed and you will hopefully see something useful in the future.

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Two guides that matter when it comes to enhancements learning pvp in 5.3:



Skill Capped:


I fear no classes as enhance. Give me a class that's giving you problems.. I'll give you a spec and a rotation that will defeat them.

Good luck!

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