Need help with Elemental, help me figure out what im doing wrong (logs amd armory in post)

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I'm fairly new to this stuff, but it appears to me as though you something missing. Possibly advanced combat logging is turned off? In the summary it doesn't track your talents or artifact traits, the logs didn't track your resource generation/use at all; all of which can be useful information. Like i said, I'm new to logs (and the forums here) but it seems you're missing some setting when logging. 

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If you need help with Elemental I've done some videos on it over on my channel, I'll leave a link to them. But more broadly speaking, I feel Ele isn't fully understood yet and Icy Veins itself throws some curve balls in the mix on the Ele page. From my tests, you should not be running Ascendence (Which i'm assuming you do) and should instead be taking lightning rod. On another side, you should take Earthern Rage (again from my tests) over Totem Mastery. However, depending on your stats you might come out with different results, so I suggest you test them yourself. I hope this helps, I will be doing further videos talking about all things Elemental and other stuff if you're interested in subscribing. Also, as of right now, enhance currently is better than Ele in some situations. I'm currently testing damage from ele while stacking Mastery and to be honest it is not bad at all, so it may be a good idea to level up your Enhance weapon if you haven't. Fights I might suggest Enhance over Ele would be Nythendra, and Ursoc (possibly Elerethe). Good Luck! 

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