Beacon of Light "bug"

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Hello there,


I'm not sure if I'm the first, but I've noticed a droll little bug with Beacon of Light to be frequently abused by me from now on:

If you cast Beacon of Light (or one of the other talent-induced skills from the last row) as a follow up to a regular cast of Holy Light or Flash of Light, the new target of Beacon of Light will get healed by the previous spell. (For this, I "use" Beacon of Light <0.5 seconds before the cast is finished, so it's automatically used when the cast is finished)

It's especially useful when using the talent "Beacon of Virtue", allowing for non-interrupting multi-target healing.

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Yeah, we did this profusely in HFC, and it's something that's very latency-dependent. Baddeh recommends only attempting it at less than 50 ms. My success rate with it is about 33% at 58 ms.

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