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Trinket SIMS @Blainie

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This is the thread you asked me to make based on what ask mr robot is saying to use for trinkets. I'm also going to ask if the artifact traits have been used in the SIMS. My main point on this is the talent Demonic appetite siming higher with it lowering the CD on eye beam. or demon blades being better with the legendary ring/haste.

Edit: Have relic traits been SIM'd yet to see if specific traits are worth taking over Ilvl increases?

Out of curiosity, ask mr robot wants me to use 2 835 agi crit trinkets over Natures call 850 and PvP insig 840 (Vers with agi proc).

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Nature's Call seems pretty weak for you from what I can see, the Insignia is a bit better. You're better off using one stat stick and the Insignia though. The difference between Insignia vs. stat is small, Nature's Call is way behind though.

For the relics, I'm not sure. I'll have to ask Wordup what he thinks.

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