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Vengeance Demon Hunter Stats?

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I'm currently playing a Vengeance DH and thought I'd take a look at the stat priority for this spec. For survivability the recommended stat after Agility is Versatility, is this correct?

I am really struggling to find any gear better than my current stuff that has Versatility. I'm ilvl 833 and at the moment by stats are below:

Agility: 19,059
Stamina: 39,897
Armour: 4178
Crit: 27%
Haste: 18%
Mastery: 17%
Versatility: 4%
Avoidance: 4%
Dodge: 9%
Parry: 13%

Even the class gear you guy in the order hall, only 1 or 2 pieces actually contain Versatility as a stat. I don't know if I'm gearing incorrectly or something, but I am really struggling to follow the recommendation.

Does anyone have any suggestions what I should be doing in order to up my Versatility while still trying to be viable in Mythics/LFR/Normal?

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My Personal opinion: as long as it goes to items with main stats just take the one with the higher item level since agility > all. If you want versality gear try crafted ones and use obliterium to push it to 850. I did that with my gear but meanwhile I lost most of my vers gear to other stat since of the item level *sigh*.  As long as you only want to run norla raids and mythic it honestly doesn’t realy matter how much vers you’ve.

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