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Tier 1 Talent

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I am a protection paladin. I was reading a topic in brazilian WoW forum about the talents and the author pointed Consecrated Hammer as the best talent for this tier, here's the tests:

    -Blessed Hammer:
Priorities: Consecration > Judgment > SotR > Avenger > Hammer.
Dummy reached 23 stacks - 16k Damage Taken per Second.

    -Consecrated Hammer:
Priorities: Judgment > SotR > Avenger > Consecration > Hammer.
Dummy reached 28 stacks - 19k DTS.

Then I read your guide saying Consecrated Hammer is not worth taking. I don't know which one to choose. These informations I listed are correct?

Thanks! And sorry about the english.

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3 hours ago, iVcente said:

Dummy reached 23 stacks - 16k Damage Taken per Second.

That's the damage caused to the DUMMY, isn't it? I don't know what stacks mean.

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Alright, so conceptually, let's look at what each talent does for us: 

Holy Shield: Increases our defensive value by increasing our block chance, and allowing us to apply our block chance to spells. 

Blessed Hammer: Increases our defensive value by reducing the autoattack damage of our enemies. 

Consecrated Hammer: Zero defensive value when you're standing in consecrate. 

In other words, Consecrated Hammer as a talent has absolutely zero value unless you're regularly moving out of your consecrate. There's a good deal of debate about bleesed hammer vs holy shield, but it typically comes down in favor of the blessed hammer, as not only is it less dependent on mastery, it provides a lot more offensive value in addition to the defensive benefits. 

I also, for the sake of thoroughness, tested Blessed Hammer vs. Consecrated Hammer on the dungeoneer's tanking dummy. With Blessed Hammer, and my current gear/talents, I survived until almost the 20th stack of Uber Strike on the dummy. On the second test, another paladin came in halfway through the test and put up Judgment of Light, a benefit I didn't have on the first test, and I still only barely survived to the 19th Uber Strike. 

There is no reason to ever take Consecrated Hammer, unless you are moving so much you cannot stand in the consecration while hitting Shield of the Righteous and/or Light/Hand of the Protector. 

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