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Shadow Priest Contradictions ?

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Hello everybody.


Very long time reader, first time poster :)


I was just wondering about a little contradiction (or maybe I do something wrong) :


Icy encourage Crit if you don't play Surrender To Madness but Askmrrobot tend to optimize the gear towards Haste anyway (and no matter the different combinations I try).

Since I will probably never play Surrender (to much skill for me, I guess I would surrender to madness myself:) ) and an very happy with Legacy (even if it hurts my fingers a bit), which stat should I prefer ? A nice mix of both ? Full crit ? Or full Haste as Robot tell me ? I am confused here and my last days of "serious" theorycrafter are from a long time ago (LK).


If you want to inspect I am Valium (Horde) on Eldre'Thalas.


Thanks for any feedback or comments.


Have a very nice day.


PS: Pardon my english of not correct/perfect as it's not my first language (I am a frog).



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Indeed, i had the same issue. But after testing different talents and gear I prefer crit over haste for now. I think StM is more efficient with higher haste , so better haste gear and more gear dependent. I enchanted/gemed my gear with crit.(miss ench on the back cuz I just got it from WB this week)  . I would choose StM in the future probably when i get better items with haste but for now this is how my character looks. Hope it helps you. ;) http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/darkspear/Clonata/simple

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