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I cannot seem to get my Unholy to out dps Frost

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11 hours ago, tomarang said:

Both specs are at il 840 and my frost does 300k dps but unholy is sitting at 200k. This confuses me because unholy is supposed to be superior

key word there is supposed. sims and logs are great but depending on the person you may not just be able to get a spec to work correctly. unholy does require careful micro management of a couple different things while frost is more..... roll face on keyboard. now it could be talent choices, if you could list your unholy talents or provide logs we could go from there.

however, at the same time if you are pulling 300k, roll with frost, thats outstanding dps :D I wouldn't be complaining about doing really well with a spec. However, if you prefer unholy and feel you are under performing we would need logs to really see what is going on with your rotation. 

just a key thing, a skilled person in a "lesser" spec can do more than a unskilled person in a "leet" spec. We have a couple frost dks on this board who are demolishing the dps charts :D I reference my quote below

Keep playing the things that you like and love, if you put enough effort into it you will surprise yourself

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