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MM Hunter: Downtime, a bad thing?

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Hello! Lately i've been struggling a bit with downtime due to lack of focus. I've tried changing my prio-list abit to see if it helps, ans so far i've found that this:


Gives me the best DPS output, rather than doing it like this;


I do this just to get in as many AS's as possible when i have Vuln up, but for some reason i dont feel that saving the MS proc to refresh my Vuln based on the sole fact that i get to much downtime waiting for focus.

But my question is, what is the bestprio to go for, yes i know you get L&L procs from auto-shot, but i personally dont see the benefit on relying my focus regen on a proc.

Of course this is very situational, consindering i raid, but singeltarget i feel that this is the way to go.


Any thoughts about this? All input would be greatly appreatiated!

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It's perfectly fine to get downtime with Sidewinders, use it to position or prepare for mechanics.

Read Azor's guide, he clearly states that most of the time you will use abilities in cycles, like:

SW - AiS - MS - AiS

You could replace it with

SW - MS - AiS - AiS


SM - AiS - AiS - MS

There's no functional difference. But the point remains that you'd be using two AiS and one MS per one SW.

This is exactly focus neutral, as casting those 4 abilities takes 8 seconds before haste, and requires 130 focus, while generating 50 focus from Sidewinders and 80 focus during 8 seconds from passive generation.

Since you're also casting other abilities, such as Barrage and Windburst, you will be slightly focus negative, which results in downtime, not to mention Sidewinders has longer base cooldown than 8 seconds.

This negativity is somewhat compensated by Lock and Load procs. Though when L'n'L procs, you would usually use 2x AiS per one Vulnerability window.


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