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"War Belt of the Sentinal Army" texting problems???

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Hello forums, i am Diegander and i'm from Stormscale server, today i got the legendary item War Belt of the Sentinel Army (YAAYY!) which is the second best legendary item for hunters, i tested it and i noticed some interaction with it like basic interactions (or facts).

the first interaction: Sidewinders does work with War Belt of the Sentinel Army.

second interaction: each time you hit Multi-Shot (and Sidewinders) the stacks duration refreshes ( the duration of the stacks is 20 sec)

third interaction (fact): The stacks only apply to ONE aimed shot, after it the stacks falls off. (for more specific if your aimed shot released your stacks reset to 0)

Forth interaction: Barrage doesn't work with War Belt of the Sentinel Army.

so now currently i'm trying a figure out a different rotation to see how i would make this item be efficient.

UPDATE: forgot to say this but the text says "Each enemy you hit with Multi-Shot increases the damage of your next Aimed Shot by 10%, stacking up to 20 times" it says your next aimed shot i don't know if they considered to be one aimed shot but when i read the text it feels like the stacks doesn't go off until its duration finishes so either the texting is wrong or the programming is wrong.

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forgot to put this important note

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Your 1st point: yes, sidewinders works with the belt and this has been known about.

2nd point: again, known interaction.

3rd point: the fact that the belt reads "Your NEXT Aimed Shot" implies that only one gets the bonus damage from the buff.  That is the meaning of the word next, after all.

4th point: Nowhere does it say that Barrage interacts with the belt at all.

And finally, your rotation need not change, as you trying to game the belt's buff for more Aimed Shot damage is a dps loss over just doing your rotation normally and benefiting from the buff passively.

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@Orthios so i see, after i tried it out with different rotation to work with  War Belt of the Sentinel Army its dps is very low than the current rotation you guys did so i guess this item is good on adds and bosses who spawn adds, another thing is 4th fact just for those who are thinking barrage could work since my friends were telling me to test that so i thought other people would say that if i didn't mentioned it but still thank you for your respond and by the way this is my first time getting to this forums so yea i don't even know why i even say that, well whatever.

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correcting some small mistakes like spelling words wrongly

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