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Lei shen problem 10 man

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Hi everyone, we've got some problem progressing through the Lei shen as i stated in the title.

The composition is


Arsh (pala prot)

Fuyuki( Brew)


Diaak (lock)

Slarga (lock)

Verdji (Hunter)

Melkored (DK)

Mandoran (Rogue)


Buli (pala)

Kilias (pala)

Cristalios (disci)

Just saying, in the log appears other people who doesn't belong to our raid.

The big problems comes in the intermission 1 and 2, when people need to spread out in to the pillars, and we feel our dps is to low cause the pillars gain to much energy in the first phase, we don't really know what to do, now spreading into 2-2-3-3 but we'are planning to 4-4-1-1 or bring 1 more dps to improve our performances, but not sure if it's the right way.

Here it comes the log http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/25h7l9lwde2p77fu/

Any advice will be appreciated, even for the singles performances of our players, the raid was missing our elemental shaman too that night.

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If you've only wiped on it 5 times, I wouldn't even worry. It took us 30 tries to get him down the first time. Then we came back two weeks later and one-shotted him after we mastered the mechanics. Your DPS doesn't seem to be too low, considering that you didn't have a Bloodlust. You could change your Prot Paladin's gearing strategy, though. He seems to be using a Mastery/avoidance build, which is good at lower gear levels, but loses out to a Haste/Control build at higher ilvls. He could bring you much higher DPS without sacrificing his survivability.

Your Rogue should be doing more damage for how geared he is. I suspect that his offhand is part of the problem. See if he has a dagger with a higher ilvl, even if it doesn't have the Sha-Touched socket.

Your Monk's Shuffle uptime isn't nearly high enough. He simply needs to use more Blackout Kicks. Without that buff, he's like a Rogue trying to tank a raid boss, and he's draining your healers' mana. I mean, he could just be keeping it up while he's tanking, but BK is standard rotation. You should never ignore it.

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You should try to 2 heal lei shen, especially with pala and disc priest healers, using hero in phase 2 is also an option since the last phase doesn't need as much dps. we get to 2nd transition before any conducts level up with 2 healers and with hero.

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I made a post a while back in the Lei Shen guide thread about pulling Lei Shen in and out of the conduits to slow their energy gain. There's a video of us doing it too if you want to see how it works. It makes the fight a lot easier especially if you have low dps, and your 3 healing it. If you do it right you should easily be able to get through both phases without charging any of the conduits.


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1st transition:

Corner 1: 2 tanks

Corner 2: 1 pala healer, rogue

Corner 3: lock hunter disc

Corner 4: lock dk pala

Tanks don't get targeted by overcharge/static/chain during transitions so just stick them in a corner to catch balls.

Pala healer + Rogue can both immunity the static shock if they need to but if they've no need to catch balls/spread for chain they can easily just soak it with the 2 of them, have the pala sac the rogue and divine protection himself.

Hunter can cheese static shock with deterrence. Priest can spirit shell if things get nasty.

Pala can cheese with bubble, DK can cheese with properly timed anti-magic zone (cast it just before the debuff drops to ensure the absorb isn't wasted on something else and it'll negate 70% of the damage)

2nd Transition:

Corner 1: Pala healer 2 tanks - Pala is there to bait static shocks so 1 of the other corners doesn't get 2

Corner 2: Pala lock dk rogue - Pala, dk and rogue can all cheese static shock but easily soaked with 3/4

Corner 3: Disc lock hunter - Again hunter can cheese static with deterrence and again the priest can use barrier/spirit shell to massively ease the damage from it.

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1) Lei Shen is 2 healer fight.

2) Get rid of diffusion chain in 1st transition

3) Pop Heroism after 1st transition (hunter BM), cause you now only have 3 conduits left and you really want to keep static as low as possible.

For platforms (1st trans):

- hunter + rog (immunity static shock)

- 2 tanks

- pala healer + dk + lock (stack for statics and use cd, AMZ and other stuff to lower dmg intake, if paladin gets static, immune it)

- priest + lock + pala dps (same as above, priest/pala try to immune it, otherwise stack)

2nd transition

- 2 tanks

- hunter + rog (immune static shocks)

- all the others (just stack up, if person can, they should immune static)

We do it like this all the time. Also I cant access logs but I doubt you are too low on dps considering how far we are into expansion. If you want to try Storm method, beware as it requires a lot of coordination. You don't want Lei Shen Aoeing your raid while he is casting thunderstruck or whip (its a shit load of dmg).

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my group easily 3 heals lei shen. the key is tower energy and stack coordination. for the first round put dif chain at 90 and keep static as low as you can. if your dps is on the low side you can dance him out of range without swapping towers and rely on heals to get you through the extra aoe.

spreading is key on first intermission, and since adds can be rough we do 2 ppl per quadrant and then let tanks roam for adds.

for the 2nd round, start away from overcharge and work toward it getting each tower to 90 then end on overcharge. overcharge will level up once, but hopefully not twice, if twice you will have to dance in 2nd round too and that means your dps is low. use hero during this phase.

when you are on overcharge you all have to stack, so mark a melee as skull and keep a tight stack. once it levels up, 2 overcharges go out at the same time and you need everyone in both safezones, so stacking is key. it will be leveled up for the transition so everyone at each quad will need to stay tightly stacked as much as possible at that time as well.

for the final phase you should be spread during wind right before thunderstruck so there is more of a chance for people to already be far from it. then collaps for ball lightning and repeat until he dies. lock gates are fun for this phase.

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