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[enhance]Some questions about enhance shaman

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Hello, everyone.

I am new to wow, shaman is my first character and I like it very much. After reading tons of guide of which stats is more important and how to perform a good rotation, I managed to deal great dps in raid.

But I still have a few questions.

  • The guide in icy-veins tells me the perfect ratio between haste and Mastery is 3:5(60%). So this works for everyone no matter how high your mastery can reach? I have a mastery of 70 and a haste of 17, and I think my dps is higher than before when I only have 50mastery and 23 haste. My point is, is there a threshold in mastery or haste? And this 60% ratio is base on simulationcraft?
  • My understanding of enhance shanman is that it's actually a class build on 1 single skill - storm strike. So everything is about making stormstrike more powerful and triggering it more often. As far as I know, mastery increase the trigger rate of stormstrike, so how come it's not the priority of all the stats? In this way, we should get our mastery as high as possible. Of course, haste can lower the gcd and give you more maelstorm power, but actually we don't need that much of maelstorm when we have both the feral spirit and the doom wind. (Please explain to me in detailed, don't throw me data in sc. I personally don't like sc because it cannot simulate all combat scenarios.) 
  • To further investigate the former point, is there a strict math relationship between total damage from stormstrike and mastery? My friend's mastery is 50, his stormstrike damage is 15% of his total damage while mine is 20% with a mastery of 70. And within the same time, he cast stormstrike 30% less than me(trigger rate is 30% lower?). Of course with lower mastery he has higher haste. so does these means the 60% ratio between haste and mastery is wrong?
  • Do other attacks trigger the reset of stormstrike? I am from China and in a Chinese forum called NGA(National geography of azeroth), people are all talking about some trinkets. The two that are often mentioned are spiked counterweight and Spontaneous Appendages . They both trigger physics damage which can also trigger stormstrike according to their tests(A lot of test.). Now I personally don't believe in those stats because I am an post-graduated student and I think their results are lack of credibility because they only test it three or four times. Can anyone confirm that these kind of physics damage trigger trinket cannot contribute to the reset of stormstrike?
  • Why the hell is critical strike not important? The way I understand critical strike is that 0.4 critical chance means 0.4 times more damage you can deal. So why is it not worth stacking?

I am from China so plz forgive me for my bad English. But I love analyzing data and figuring out the mechanism behind games. So plz help me with these questions. If you can't explain it better than some post or articles you've already seen, plz provide me with those links. 


Thank you all again!

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Okay so let us work our way through this.

- Mastery is your priority stat (after agility of course) 

- Be careful what you read because most guides have noto been updated properly for legion yet as a lack of testing and such to be done.

- At 17% haste there is a SOFT CAP. Soft cap generally means that the more you try to get of that particular stat the less beneficial it actually is. At this point I have no idea if you should continue gathering haste beyond this point or not (not enough hard data)

- More Mastery allows for more storm bringer procs to take place which is why you probably had more stormstrikes. You would think haste would do the same since it is your main hand weapon attacks that proc it but without a bunch of math more Mastery gives you more chances than haste will of allowing more procs this is also in addition to windfury getting more activations from Mastery which allows more attacks. 

-  To my knowledge nothing besides main hand weapon attacks proc storm bringer. This means your guild is probably wrong or is just missing something.

- Crit is bad solely on the basis that Mastery is so much better for more procs and higher elemental damage and haste is needed for lower gcd and more weapon attacks so also more procs and because you can only have two stats on a gear piece then those two are obvious choices. Another reason is critical gives us nothing besides bigger numbers which while nice do not give us more procs or lower our gcd or give us any extra resources for our class to run smoother.

-Mastery as far as I know does not have a soft cap.

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The ratio of 3:5 Haste to Mastery is no longer working. You simply want to stack Mastery as much as possible. If you can get crafted gear and trinkets with only Agility/Mastery on it, that is ideal. The Mastery stat has a scaling way beyond anything the other stats can manage, within current gear levels. The increased chance of Stormbringer procs is fairly minor, though; the real prize is the increased Fire/Frost/Nature damage.

Stormstrike resets off of Stormbringer, which only activates off of main hand attacks and abilities. Not other kinds of physical damage. So it will not benefit from Brutal Haymaker proc from Spiked Counterweight; I know because I used the trinket about a month and no longer use it, they have no synergy. The benefit of the Counterweight is that if it procs, you do 15% more damage to the target that it triggers on. But it is still not enough to counter the lack of good stats so other trinkets, like a plain old boring Agility/Mastery trinket from world quests, or the Arcano Crystal from the Withered J'im boss, perform way better.

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